Foundation funds are used toward:

Partnership with MIPH

Funds from the Jeanne P. Alessandro Foundation have been given to a transitional housing program for young mothers with children.  The organization, Making it Possible to End Homelessness (MIPH), seeks to foster independence and empower young mothers. MIPH provides a foundation of stability so that the young mothers and children in their programs will grow up to be stable, contributing members of society.

Our funding to MIPH not only seeks to improve the lives of the homeless families who come to MIPH, but to significantly reduce the damage which homelessness causes to vulnerable children.
Our Foundation continues to provide funds to MIPH so they can directly provide enrichment trips to a variety of  places of interest for children, young adults, and their mothers. These are trips that residents of MIPH’s facilities would not have an opportunity to experience without funds from our Foundation.   Our Foundation funds these trips in their entirety, including transportation costs, lunch, and tickets or admission costs.  These trips have included:

  • Crystal Springs Water Park

  • Bronx Zoo (2)

  • Liberty Science Center (2)

  • New York Liberty WNBA Playoff Game

  • New Jersey Children's Museum

Our Foundation also provides funds to MIPH to use for :

  • Seasonal parties, such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, and the Fourth of July

  • Basketball registration to a recreational basketball program and sneakers

  • Purchase of baseball and basketball equipment so members of the Foundation's Board of Directors can provide sports training to the children residing at MIPH

East Brunswick Recreation Dept. Summer Camp

  • Provide scholarship funding for a family in need for their child to attend a full-time summer camp program

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

  • Provide pre-paid cell phones with minutes to victims in non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault in their NJ community

High School Scholarship Awards

The Jeanne P. Alessandro Foundation provides scholarships to seniors at East Brunswick High School, where she lived for many years. These scholarship awards go to graduating seniors who have participated in sports.  Awardees are selected from among students who submit an essay to the Foundation based upon criteria established by the Board of Directors.



List of Past Winners

2006  –  Kelly Doyle  –  Raritan H.S

2006  –  Daniel McMahon  –  Raritan H.S.


2007  –  Anthony Cascio  –  Raritan H.S.

2007  –  Kaitlin McGlynn  –  Raritan H.S.


2008  –  Sheila Sim – Raritan H.S.

2008-  Devin Noonan  –  Raritan H.S.

2008  – Allanah Miller  –  East Brunswick


2009 – Anthony Bizien-  Raritan H.S.


2010 - Eric Hsia - East Brunswick HS


2011-  Samantha Strickland-  Raritan H.S.

2011-  Tim Pizanie-  Raritan H.S.


2012-  Barbara Boehler-  Raritan H.S.


2013-  Casey Bossert-  Raritan H.S.

2013-  John Dressler-  Raritan H.S.

2013-  Jake Krantz-  East Brunswick H.S.


2014-  Bruce Strickland and Emily Schaffer -  Raritan H.S.

2014-  Caroline Caruso  -  East Brunswick H.S.

2015 - Sean O'Sullivan and Danielle Balsamo - East Brunswick H.S.

2016 - Thomas Pappas and Brantley Balsamo - East Brunswick H.S.

2017 - Kendall Taylor and Benjamin Rosen - East Brunswick H.S.

2018 - Jordyn Horowitz, Kayla Reardon and Sanket Jain - East Brunswick H.S.